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Only have your Jaguar taken care of by specialty mechanics and shops. Don’t put your Jaguar in the hands of someone who does not fully understand the mechanics and special needs of this car. Your Jaguar maintenance should only be performed by people specially trained with the skills and knowledge to give your car expert attention and care.



Find out the reputation of the shop and of the shop’s mechanics before agreeing to have repair or maintenance work performed on your Jaguar. Get references. Ask questions from friends and professional colleagues about which shop and mechanics they entrusted their Jaguar maintenance to. Utilize online resources like Yelp to see what people are saying about Jaguar repair shops in your area. Then choose the best one based on your research.



Regular tune-ups are an important part of your Jaguar maintenance. Schedule these at set time intervals between performances of maintenance. Mileage can vary and is not always the best indicator when a tune-up is needed



Each time you receive any type of Jaguar maintenance, request a list of services performed on the car. Ask for the products used to do each of the services. The products should include brand names, specifications and other identifying information. Put the Jaguar maintenance records in the glove box or an other safe and clean place. If there is a problem with the Jaguar, you will be glad to have these types of records at your fingertips.



Following these tips along with those provided in your Jaguar Owner’s manual will ensure that your Jaguar continues to run like new. If there is ever a problem with your Jaguar be sure to have it looked at by a reputable repair shop like Ed. Wright’s British Car Repair

If you need repair or maintenance work done on your Jaguar in Marin County or the San Francisco Bay Area please consider us. We’re friendly, prompt, and offer fair prices that are far below the dealer's.

Give us a call or drop us an email, we are here for you.



Inspect your tires monthly for even wear-and-tear. Uneven wear on the tires can indicate the need to have the Jaguar’s tires balanced and aligned. Avoid roads and parking lots with pot holes and speed bumps.



In the late spring or early fall months, have your Jaguar winterized by a specialty shop like Ed. Wright’s British Car Repair. Winterizing reduces the wear on the engine during the colder months. Additionally, have the fluids changed and topped off at the end of winter before warmer spring and summer weather temperatures start. This type of maintenance keeps the Jaguar operating under optimum mechanical conditions.



Jaguar XJS

JAGUAR XJS. an exotic touring coupe. This car demands specialists expertise, especially with in-line brakes and complex electrical systems

Jaguar S type Repair and Service

JAGUAR S-type. A reliable daily driving car has more style than most BMWs or Mercedes. We have experience , specialized tools and parts for these cars.

Jaguar XJ Repair and Service

JAGUAR XJ. performance and comfort are the hallmarks of this top of the range sedan. XJR performance models with superchargers to Vanden Plas luxury models.

JAGUAR: an engineering and design icon

Ed Wright's British Car Repair provides the most reputable and skilled repair services to owners and drivers of Jaguars in Marin County. We offer a true alternative to dealership service. From beautiful Jaguars of the past to the very latest models, we have the know-how to ensure that your Jaguar runs at peak performance.


Our modern facility is fully equipped with the Jaguar-specific tools and diagnostic machines to service and repair your Jaguar to factory standards.


Here are some Jaguar repair services that we offer:


Jaguar Factory Scheduled Service and Maintenance

Full Jaguar Diagnostic Service

Brake Service

Transmission Diagnosis, Service and Repair

Engine Tuning and Rebuilding

Air Conditioning and Climate Control

Electrical Work

Performance Upgrades

Full Exterior and Interior Details

Full and Partial Classic Jaguar Restoration


Expertise, experience, quick turnaround, affordable prices and professionalism are the keys to our Jaguar Repair service in Marin.

JAGUAR: an engineering and design icon

Quintissentially British car manufacturer has spanned 90 years leading with innovation in performance and design. The cars could be categorized into three main periods;


1922-1980. From the XK models through the E-type and XJs, these classic cars are largely handmade.

1980-2007 the company was briefly independent and then in 1988, was acquired by Ford, with substantial improvements in build. XJS touring and XJ sedans with the S-Type and X-Type introduced as entry level cars.

2008-2017 Current models including the new XF and F-Type

E-TYPE Our shop has a particularly strong reputation with classic and vintage cars. Our shop is geared to the unique challenges of older cars.  Shown here, a series one XKE  in the shop.


We service late models as well as a broad range of Jaguar cars.

VINTAGE XK Series The Jaguar XK150 is a sports car produced by Jaguar between 1957 and 1961. It replaced the XK140.


Initially it was only available in fixed head coupé (FHC) and drophead coupé (DHC) versions. The roadster (XK150 OTS - open two-seater) without full weather equipment was launched in 1958. Minimal rear seats were fitted in the coupés. There was no seating or storage space in that part of the open two-seater. The open two-seater broke with tradition and was fitted with high-silled wind-up windows in its new taller doors but retained the very simple folding roof of its predecessors.

REPAIRS AND FULL RESTORATION PROJECTS   We are capable of complete restoration projects on Jaguar cars. There are few shops better suited to this type of work. We are able to source and manufacture parts for vintage and classic cars. We can complete the entire restorations or repairs and maintenance, as required.

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